Why is it taking longer for some of my NOOK Books, magazines, apps and NOOK Kids' books to . My newspaper/magazine didn't show up on my NOOK. Why?. NOOK ReadingTM for Android doesn't install on my smartphone or tablet. What do I . I'm having trouble downloading my books to my Android device. What do. Christine US said: I downloadd several Nook books off the site on my Nook directly, I didn't know that you could download your books.

My Nook Book Didnt

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I mostly use site, but have over Nook books (+ are on site). . I didn't know about the update for my old Nook and my new. When a pre-ordered book didn't show up in my Nook library today, I called customer service, and my experience was less than stellar. The customer service rep I. Have you looked in your B&N account to see if those books are in your . someone didn't just delete it and give me a chance to download the book.

It was a combination of bad hardware, software and terrible business decisions. The Nook Tablet Debacle The first major disconnect between Barnes and Noble and their growing user base was December 21st when the company disabled the ability to sideload apps from other Android markets. Since it was around Christmas many people received this tablet as a gift and thousands of devices were returned, while the Nook Boards blew up with angry customers who said they would never do business with the company again.

The prime selling point behind this model was the front-lit technology. People did not realize how much the Nook e-reader brand has changed until they started to read the fine print. For the first time ever Barnes and Noble edited the memory partition to only allow MB of user loaded content, even though there was 4 GB of total on-device storage.

This now prevented users from adding their entire e-book library to their e-reader, which drove many ballistic. Thousands of users returned their devices and the Nook Boards blew up once more in a feeble attempt to show the company their disdain and to try and get them to reverse the decision.

They did this so users could not strip the encryption or read the Nook books on 3rd party e-reading apps. The end result was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 7 and The funny thing about this move is that there is no Nook branding anywhere on the physical device.

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B&N Says They Took Away the Download Option as a Security Measure – Here’s How to Get Around It

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Older Nooks and Nook Tablets Require Security Update to Keep Working

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Recent Post by Page.Trish Reply February 22, at You can also manually install the update. Despite the fact that, as Cory Doctorow so aptly put it , no one has ever downloadd anything because it came with DRM, an ever-slimming number of content providers insist on punishing paying customers with idiotic "anti-piracy" schemes.

June 30?

The script still works for me on Chrome and Firefox. Barnes and Noble closes International Windows App.

Sherley Booker Reply March 19, at 6: That matters, and not just with hardware. Next Next post: No one's download should be invalidated once the payment has cleared.