If you have a lot of iMessages on your iPhone or iPad, the best way to back them up to your computer or share them with others would be to export them as PDF. If you're wondering how to export iMessages to PDF or iPhone messages to PDF either using the iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backup, iPhone manager tools like AnyTrans and iMyFone iTransor Lite are ideal programs to export iMessages to PDF successfully. Since PDF is the.

Imessages To Pdf

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Using macOS' built in save to pdf option: It only goes back to whatever I actually just archived three iMessage threads a few weeks ago that. Also Support: Multimedia Messages (MMS) and iMessages Follow the steps below to export iPhone messages to PDF for free or back up. When it comes to exporting iPhone SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber or Line chats, CopyTrans Let's export iPhone messages and convert them to PDF.

Particularly impressive is iExplorer's wide range of features that accompany every conversion. Rather than converting one file at a time, it is possible to combine multiple text messages into one file for PDF export. Sure other apps offer this too, but often it involves extra steps.

AnyTrans - Your Ultimate iPhone Backupper Even today there's many people who still find it awkward to still use a smartphone or computer. For those people AnyTrans by imobie is a fantastic and simple solution, an app that syncs text messages from phone to computer, and does it with a really elegant and clear platform.

This app is also handy for skilled professionals who want to ensure each PDF conversion is rapid and seamless. Because AnyTrans has such a streamlined design, it is very easy to upload 1 or text messages for conversion at any time. This is wonderful for someone who needs just one text quickly converted to PDF, or someone that needs a whole ton of messages changed to the new PDF file format. Transferring of other files like photos and videos is also easy with this app too.

This can be a challenge if anyone forgets to bring their USB cable with them, but is also really good as it promises great speed anytime a sync happens. TouchCopy brings to this list a number of features aforementioned apps have. But on top of this it also includes a beautiful and modern interface that makes using this app on your computer a real joy. The flexibility of this app is really good, as it can be used on Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers interchangeably.

A great pick for someone who daily uses PDFs on a computer. How to Save Text Messages to PDF on iPhone An important thing to keep in mind is converting texts to PDF on the phone will be easier, but usually if looking to convert many texts it will be quicker to do it on computer.

Either way is good, but it's just always good to keep in mind which way is the most effective. So how do you do this exactly? How do you save a text message to PDF? Let's look now.

If you intend to save text messages to PDF files on your phone, the process will be simpler. Are you thinking of converting all your important text messages into PDF format on your computer?

Since PDF is the universally accepted and favored file format that everyone prefers, it is natural to think of converting important messages to PDF format, so they are saved for any future reference.

In this article, you will know how to download text messages from iPhone to PDF via the two popular software. Also, get to know how to insert PDF into word. The text message, as an alternative method to voice calls, is one of the most popular forms of communication, which records the treasured memories of our life.

It is not an uncommon occurrence to have our iPhone messages easily lost. This loss may be due to several reasons, like mistaken deletion, new iOS update, jailbreak, device crash, etc. Keeping the important messages on your iPhone is not a good way to safeguard the messages, and more and more people are searching for ways to export their messages to the PDF or other format and keep them on the computer.

It is a difficult task to convert iMessages to PDF on the computer.

Here is a guide on how to accomplish this task. Let us first have a look at the important features of AnyTrans software that make it ideal for converting iMessages to PDF. Follow the steps to perform an efficient and successful export of text messages:. Step 1. Download AnyTrans software program on your desktop and install it. Connect the iPhone which has the iMessages you wish to export.

Step 2. Run AnyTrans program on the computer. Click on the button present on the right side of the software interface. This will ensure a backup is done before the export process. Step 3.

Click on, Settings feature. Set message output format to PDF form and click on the Save option.

The Tool You Need to Convert Text Messages to PDF

Step 4. Choose messages that you wish to convert to PDF and export. Choose a folder to save the exported messages.

You will find the messages you have exported from the iPhone. Step 5. On your computer, search for the folder that is titled as AnyTrans-Export. This folder contains all the messages that you have exported from the iPhone.

How to export iPhone messages to PDF?

Now you can view these messages in the PDF format. It is highly skilled in transferring all types of data including music, photos, contacts, videos and much more. The software does a smooth transfer between devices and from iPhone to a computer.

You can select as many messages or conversations as you want in this way. Click one of the Export buttons in the toolbar at the bottom of the iMazing window. Here is the PDF Export sheet: Each export format presents different options, see below for more detail on what they do.

How to Convert iPhone Texts/iMessages to PDF

Click Next when you are done. Select a location, change the file name if needed, then click Choose. If your selection only contains attachments, you'll export the raw attachments.

In all other cases, iMazing will generate a PDF file with default export options. And if you drag and drop to a text editor directly, you'll get a raw text export. From version 2. Printouts are both customizable and very close to what is displayed on your iPhone. The following options are available:. It is often required that the phone number or account be included in printouts. One of iMazing's greatest features is the ability to export data from iPhone and iPad into something you can actually use for further analysis.

The most common use case is for lawyers or other independent professionals to document and bill interactions with clients. Simply sort by Sent Date to display an aggregated timeline of your messaging activity. Use this format to output a.Click on the button present on the right side of the software interface. From here you can print the messages directly also.

Below is a screenshot example of what a PDF of text messages looks like after they are exported. Windows Mac.

If your selection only contains attachments, you'll export the raw attachments. In this segment, we shall learn about how to use dr.