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This site lists free online computer science, engineering and programming Packt Free eBooks Guidelines on Writing Computer Science Book Reviews. Access to several e-book collections in computer science, technical catalog search result for E-books in Computer Science and related areas. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science John M. Zelle, Ph.D. Version .

For your convenience, we have put all the books in this category into a zip file which you can download in one go. In this book we are dealing with series part production featured by a medium complexity degree and a medium number of individual components and assembly technique alternatives.

This book explains the essential relational database design modelling techniques and shows how SQL can be used to implement a database. There are numerous practical exercises with feedback. This book is the first in a series of books on software development in Java. This is the first in a series of books on Adobe Photoshop. Together, they will give the reader a good foundation in some of the major features of this ground breaking and industry changing program.

This ebook makes learning "complex" numbers easy through an interactive, fun and personalized approach.

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Features include: In this book you find the basic mathematics that is needed by computer scientists. Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that allows users to produce tables containing calculations and graphs. Nothing is difficult once you have learned it. That applies to Microsoft Office Excel as well, and once you have learned it, you will be able to do things you never dreamed of! Improve your skills in Photoshop with this guide for intermediate users.

From technologies to processes, from B2C to B2B, from payment to security, the book investigates E-Commerce integratedly — for readers with an economic as well as with a computer science background. This book will explain the Object Oriented approach to programming and through the use of small exercises, for which feedback is provided, develop some practical skills as well.

This user guide will introduce you to some of Excel's more complex functionality. Specifically when analysing data. This book concisely introduces systems analysis and design principles and techniques which are used for building information systems. Numerous practical exercises with feedback are included.

This course offers hands-on knowledge, practices and insight into most important logistic, financial and HRM processes and the integration of business processes. This book describes computer simulation concepts then provides basic details about using discrete-event computer simulation for decision making. It requires significant investment and supports critical business processes. This book is the second in a series of books on software development in Java. This book deals with the development of web applications where the focus is on the server side and how to develop dynamic web pages.

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This book is the first in a series on Artificial Intelligence. It provides an introduction to the topic with an emphasis on the use of agent-oriented design. A Step-by- Step Tutorial in R has a two-fold aim: The book is about developing of applications for Android, and especially for mobile phone applications.

The book is a practical basic introduction to programming and C that introduces basic principles of object-oriented programming.

This book leads you through a journey of developing your first web service application to more complex multitier enterprise application. Using a series of web development examples, this book 'C Programming in Linux' will give you an interesting glimpse into a powerful lower-level world. The subject is database applications, and how to write programs in Java that uses a database.

The subject of this book deals primarily with classes, interfaces and inheritance. The e-book gives a thorough view of BIM including technology, process and people aspects through a lifecycle perspective. Standard introduction to data structures and algorithms using the Java programming language covering stacks, queues, lists, trees, sets, maps, graphs, hashing, searching, and sorting. The growth in the adoption of electronic devices is creating an environment where some measures of digital hygiene are needed to protect the devices and the data they contain.

This textbook is a basic introduction to business analysis and the techniques behind deriving information from data. As marching into the digital era, many people in different sectors are quite keen to understand why this has happened. The book is about writing applications for Android and is a continuation of the previous book in this series. Matlab is one of the most popular programs for quantitative analysis.

This book introduces you to the basics of Matlab without requiring any previous experience of programming. The subjects of this book are about files and how you in Java can manipulate files. Access is a powerful Database application that allows users to produce tables, forms, queries and reports within a database it can also contain calculations, graphs, pictures and files. This book is about Windows operating system written for courses in operating systems.

This book aims to introduce XML with example. Through its tip boxes it lets the readers to focus on the main points of the technology. This textbook provides an overview of business information systems and provides definitions for the different systems used in companies. This book is the eighth in a series of books on software development. The book gives a balanced overview of managing information technology quantitatively. It considers services and costs, processes and projects, key performance indicators and various helpful methods.

This textbook will provide a greater understanding of technology-based entrepreneurship in the emerging knowledge economy. This book is the second in a series on Artificial Intelligence.

Macs For Dummies Edward C. IT Auditing Using Controls to Learning Perl Randal L. Professional iPhone and iPad Bestsellers Smashing Node. Beginning Programming with How to Prove It Daniel J.

Data Structures and Algorithms Software Project Management Distributed Computing Ajay D. SAP Security Configuration and Filter Results. Last 30 days Last 90 days All time.

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View More. Christine Bresnahan , Richard Blum.

O'Reilly Media Professional Excel Development 2nd ed. Graham Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Steele Jr. The Definitive Guide Mercurial: Rolsky, K. Covington, Roberto Bagnara, Richard A. Blackburn, K. Pereira, Stuart M. Sterling, Ehud Y. Halterman PDF 3.

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Learning with Python, Interactive Edition 3. Learning with Python - Allen B. Downey, Jeff Elkner and Chris Meyers 2. Downey 2.

Johansson 2. Case Studies in Python - Tom D. A Manifesto email address requested , not required Porting to Python 3: An In-Depth Guide 2. Miller and David L. Exploring Information 2. Complete Reference Manual, 6th Edition pre-release 2. PDF email address requested , not required Raspberry Pi: Odersky, L.

Spoon, B. Ninety-Nine Scala Problems - Phil!

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Hailperin, B. Kaiser, K.All entries are peer-reviewed, written by leading experts in the field--and each entry contains links to a summary of the author's research work.

Probability and Statistics for Programmers - Allen B. PDF email address requested , not required Raspberry Pi: Adams, Packt. The goal was to leverage the best features of the language using sound practices of programming and pedagogy in the study of computer science. This user guide will introduce you to some of Excel's more complex functionality. Nothing is difficult once you have learned it.