Feb 2, Proving something to me is important, as are establishing my InfoSec credentials. Those are probably a few of the top reasons I took the OSCP. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is an Ethical Hacking certification offered by Offensive Security - a. Sep 14, We present a new ebook, containing workshop materials from our Advanced Offensive Computer Security Training. We're proud of how the.

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Information Security Training, Ethical Hacking Certifications, Virtual Labs and Penetration Testing Services from Offensive Security, the creators of Kali Linux. Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is an ethical hacking certification offered by Offensive Security that teaches penetration testing methodologies. Contribute to Hack-with-Github/Free-Security-eBooks development by creating an account on GitHub. IoT; Malware Analysis & Forensics; Network Pentesting; Offensive Security and Professional Hackers · Hackers High School 13Complete Hacking E-books Contact GitHub · Pricing · API · Training · Blog · About.

Linux Buffer Overflow. It is also not necessary to update the virtual machine in order to complete the course exercises; however, you are free to do so if you wish. If you choose to update the VM, we strongly suggest that you create a snapshot of it before upgrading. Windows Windows 7 Client: You will be provided with a Windows 7 client machine that has multiple uses while you are in the labs. Some example uses are for the buffer overflow exercises, testing payloads, or compiling Windows exploits.

Docs Lab Documentation: To deal with the volume of information gathered during a penetration test, we suggest using KeepNote, a multipurpose note-taking application, to initially document all your findings. Using an application like KeepNote helps both in organizing the data digitally as well as mentally.

Review: Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

When the penetration test is over, the interim documentation will be used to compile the full report. Final Reporting: During this course, you will be required to log your findings in the Offensive Security labs and exam.

The family was on vacation, my cellar was going to be my home for the next 24 hours. What followed was a trip straight to hell! Task: gain root shells on 5 computers weighted with different points Goal: reach 70 out of points I started with a modestly easy but highly-weighted machine and followed the usual scheme for developing a BufferOverflow exploit. Although I seemed to make everything correct as in the exercises and my own preparation, the exploit did not work.

Top 3 Ethical Hacking Certifications

I knew this was a must have and did not let go. Double-, trible-checked all steps, no success.

Time to take out the hammer! I decide to go to sleep and get up again with new fresh ideas. Without really sleeping, finally around 7 in the morning it makes click!

My suspicions had been confirmed and the machine was finally cracked. In the rest of the time, I felt like an underdog, leading behind in the extra time, but still trying everything.

I rooted one other machine and got a low privileged shell on antoher one.

Now only one privilege escalation and I could manage to get to 60 points. With the point bonus, which can be obtained for the submission of the solved exercises and a lab report, I would have reached the required 70 points! A little later: Over and Out, at the examination time ends as announced. Only half disappointed, I still wrote the report and submitted it. So close, next time it should be easier.

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Get over it Failing a test has happened to me quite rare, but giving up is out of the question. What led to failure? What helps with pentesting is experience. There are no shortcuts! With just 18 hacked machines, I did not even shed the horns. Offensive Security states about 30 machines from the Student Lab except the big three the particularly hard machines Pain, Sufferance and Humble as approximate number.

I got back to the exam at and only had 2 hours and 45 minutes left.

In that period I got a limited shell on the box I was stuck at the night before and almost rooted a second one but it was too late. I have learned how important time management is and that you really need a strategy to avoid rabbit holes and lose too much time.

At the end of this article I will present you with a list of points to consider which really helped me to avoid rabbit holes. From the first attempt I knew that exam hours 12 to 16 are worthless. I also started with the harder exam machines this time. Those are the ones that give 20 or 25 points.

In the hours to follow I managed to get another 40 points. I had a total of 90 points and I knew I had passed the exam. For one box I did not manage to escalate my privilege level to root, but I was fine with that. OSCP exam report In the next 24 hours you will be writing a penetration test exam report. The exam manual, which you get at the start of the exam, explains clearly what is required in the report. Make sure you collect this information during the exam in the required format. Tips before the OSCP exam The following tips will help you before the OSCP exam: Make a battle plan before the exam which at least contains the following: Breaks with time, including dinner, lunch and breakfast.

Determine when and for how long you will sleep.

Yes, you need to sleep in 24 hours. How long to work on a single box. Which enumeration to perform on every step of the penetration test at the start and on a low privileged shell.

Finish your lab report for 5 extra points and optionally the course exercises for an additional 5 points. You might need them to reach the 70 points. Rest before the exam, at least a day is what I would recommend.

Get over it

A fresh and sharp brain at the start of the exam is more important than a few more details covered. You need to write a penetration test report after the exam. Make sure you know how to write it so you know what information to collect during the exam.You are allowed to use it on one machine during the exam which is often considered as a lifeline by many people.

Exam 3 Goldeneye 2 weeks of intense lab time later, I was finally ready. InfoSec is often a passion and a way of living so people are often quite nice and willing to share information and educate people who share the same passion read last paragraph for what questions to ask and what not.

Two of the top sites for finding this are UpWork and Freelancer.

Click here to watch. Cybersecurity firms accumulate talent and market themselves to the industry.