Jan 11, Many books on the history of modern physics are available for those In revising Concepts of Modern Physics for the sixth edition I have had. Modern Physics is the most up-to-date, accessible presentation of modern physics available. The book is intended to be used in a one-semester course covering. download Concepts of Modern Physics, Revised Edition. on ✓ FREE Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction.

Concept Of Modern Physics Book

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These notes are designed as a text book for a course on the Modern Physics Theory for undergraduate students. The purpose is providing a rigorous and. This book highlights foundational issues in theoretical physics in an informal, open style of lecture. It expresses the flow of ideas in physics — from the period of. Concepts Of Modern Physics (Seventh Edition): The revised edition retains its fundamental classic flavor. The balance in this book leans more .

Sort order. Aug 03, Sanjay Gautam rated it liked it. It is a good book on modern physics for undergraduates.

Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Modern Physics

Provides useful insights on nuclear physics,solid state, special relativity. Treatment of Quantum mechanics was not up to the mark, I felt something fishy in the approach towards it.

Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers is a much better book, by the way. View all 3 comments.

Dec 23, Ranendu Das rated it it was amazing Shelves: View 2 comments. Jun 16, Moataz Ibrahim rated it really liked it. May 18, Priyesh Raj rated it really liked it. This book has excellent way of letting readers understand the subject matter. I tried learning Quantum Mechanics from Resnick and Eiseberg book first. However, I found it tough. Then, I stumbled on this book and found it very lucid. A must read for all beginners. View 1 comment. An excellent textbook about modern physics.

It emphasizes more on concepts before equations, but still covers the fundamental mathematics albeit lightly.

I'd say this as "academic introductory book" to modern physics. Sep 01, Amir Seyab rated it liked it. A good book on modern Physics.

Modern Physics

Dec 20, Wondeyfraw marked it as to-read. Mar 12, Neda added it. Jul 11, Vishal Philip rated it really liked it. What i like about book is it covers all important topics.

What i dont like about this book is more most of the equations no derivations. We have to work our own. Nov 03, Divyesh rated it liked it.

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Anshul Rana rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Debsuvra Ghosh rated it liked it Sep 15, Rishabh Vats rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Roderick Jones rated it it was amazing May 01, Siddharth rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Edwin rated it really liked it Apr 25, Mahendralal rated it did not like it Aug 23, Abbas Prinxe rated it liked it Jun 16, Tusharkumar Vaghasiya rated it it was amazing Aug 11, Jhanvi rated it did not like it Oct 03, Poula Tadros rated it really liked it Aug 12, Ramakrishna rated it really liked it Jan 17, Nawroz rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Shashank Rai rated it really liked it Oct 28, Bholi rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Manoj Kumar rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Timothy Fleming rated it liked it Feb 19, The two books are intended for readers with different backgrounds, however.

Coticepts of Modcwi Physics, through a judicious selection of material, is true to its title and really gets across the main ideas of modern physics.

But it requires at least one year of physics at university level, with extensive problems solving, and a couple of years of calculus. For, although ideas in physics are emphasized, many of them can be described adequately only in mathematical terms. The author fills in separate steps in both mathematics and the sequences of ideas nothing is beneath him.

Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Modern Physics

If any book of this type, basically a textbook, can be tackled outside a classroom, this one is a prime candidate. In The Physical Utiiverse, Beiser, trained in physics, and Krauskopf, a geochemist, cover the essentials of physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy.

Mathematical demands on the reader are no more than secondary school algebra and, for those whose algebra has faded, a page mathematics refresher has thoughtfully been provided. This book, too, is true to its title, however grand.

The last quote is representative of one of the few faults in this basically sound book, a tendency toward pomposity in some instances. Upon occasion, mostly in historical passages, the writing can be characterized as in the style of the U. One could get the impression that the life-long bachelor eventually did marry. These faults may loom large in a short review but they constitute a minor fraction of this large book.

The book was not designed for a course at university level. It is studded with interesting color photographs to illustrate concepts.

Obvious effort was made to have the photographs aesthetically pleasing as well as informative.Physics Quantum Physics. Ask Seller a Question. One could get the impression that the life-long bachelor eventually did marry.

Siddharth rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Finally atomic nuclei and elementary particles are examined. A must read for all beginners.