The Tata Steel sections interactive 'Blue book' has changed. For design data on structural hollow sections (Celsius & Hybox), click here for the new Tata Steel. Comprehensive section property data is provided in this 'blue book' as well as tables of member resistances, which are given for both Celsius® and Hybox®. 1 SCI P Steel building design: Design data; 2 Interactive "Blue Book" . for hollow sections are also available in Tata Steel's (tubes only) Blue Book.

Tata Blue Book

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Tata Steel has partnered with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) to produce a brand new and fully revised version of their 'Blue Book'. Tata Steel has partnered with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) to produce a brand new revised version of their 'Blue Book' software tool for use in the design . “This is a single comprehensive online resource that effectively replaces the old Tata Steel interactive Blue Book that served the UK steel.

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Tata Steel revises its Blue Book

It is a gentle, polished, anecdotal account. An easy read, it deals both with the aviator who pioneered Air India and the industrialist who managed the Tata fortunes since , overseeing the birth of giants like TELCO and Tata Chemicals.

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But Birla, a less conventional type, has plenty to say and whatever one may think of Marwari businessmen, he is well worth talking to. I think Queen Mary will have a dull lunch with Tata and quite an interesting one with Birla.

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The unique number for the CE marking The certificate above is genuine and provides will again show actual results linked to certificate. If neither 8. The identifying information for the tested test certificates to allow the product test type is identified on the certificate then material. In this case there were 12 bars information to be confirmed against the it is most probable that the certificate is from Cast and 36 bars from Cast manufacturing records if necessary.

The mechanical properties minimum results from this type of material and does yield, tensile strength and elongation of not give actual test results from the batch. Charpy test results indicating the materials used in structural and pressure toughness of the steel. The results cover vessel applications is a 3. BS EN three tests on each cast with the average requires a Type 3. Chemical analysis of the test material 11 The benefits of steel construction Designing and building in steel is the surest way to guarantee the many value benefits such as safety, cost, aesthetics, efficiency and other gains that are demanded by clients for modern structures.

It is the best assurance that your project will be completed on time, cost-effectively, safely and to the most exacting quality and performance standards. Here are some of the wide range of benefits that are routinely delivered simply by choosing steel. Fabrication mobile elevating work platforms where erected, with much of the hard work to takes place off-site in the far safer environment they are securely harnessed.

Trial erections exacting tolerances already achieved offsite of a factory; almost all of the potentially can ensure that even the most complex in factory controlled conditions — a truly hazardous activity that is unavoidable with operations, or where on-site time is at a modern method of construction which other methods of construction is managed out premium, can be safely rehearsed to ensure reduces the impact of building activities on of the construction process by selecting steel.

There are no labour Factory fabrication processes are standard and when they reach site.

CE marked structural sections

Early erection of a steel frame means follow-on trades achieve a weather-protected environment in which to work sooner than is otherwise possible. The light and airy perhaps the strongest sustainability case of environmental impacts is incomplete, and column free spaces that can only be created any rival material.

As the whole- reconfigured. Clients are of a steel-framed building and changing its recycled or re-used. Consequently, original properties — a characteristic not refurbishment or alterations to exteriors are possessed by any other construction framing not usually needed.

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Steel structures generally have lower carbon footprints than concrete ones as a Steel structures can be designed for disman- tonne of relatively strong and lightweight tling; demountability will prove its worth on steel goes further than a tonne of concrete. Steel offers environmental, social and economic advantages that feed through to an outstanding sustainability case — the Triple Bottom Line of economic, social and environmental benefits.

The steel industry has an excellent such as shallow floor construction, storey high that the effects of fire on the material and track record for innovation, whether it is in glazing, columns within separating walls and components is fully understood. The result the form of new products backed up by sound long-span internal structures.

Tata Steel Blue Book

The versatility of of this research is the ability to fire engineer research or improved methods of working. Technical Managers and organisations such Fire protection is often on the critical path so as The British Constructional Steelwork off-site application has significant benefits in Association BCSA and the Steel Construction terms of increased speed of construction. Institute SCI.The CE Tables are provided for both S and S grades for open sections, S and S grades for hot-finished hollow sections, and S grade for cold-formed hollow sections.

Clients are of a steel-framed building and changing its recycled or re-used.

Specification for hot-rolled sections, BSI. Additional data is included calculated according to BS Structural use of steelwork in buildings. Date of issue of the certificate.