Every day, you can make healthy, informed decisions to better manage your diabetes. Use this log book with your FreeStyle meter to help you learn how food, . A log book is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a ship. It is essential to traditional navigation and must be filled in at . Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Use this book to keep a record of the practical experience required before you can be asked questions about aspects of your work that are included in this log . the back of the logbook. You should record at least 2 clinical cases for each module. Your facilitator will tell you the exact number of recording forms expected . to sampling, measurements and observations. Logbook entries should be objective, factual, and free of personal feelings or other terminology which might prove.

Listen carefully to the advice or instructions of your Supervisor and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Remember to wash your hands regularly. HELP What if the unexpected happens? It is the polite, professional thing to do.

Week Starting Monday: Comments by Supervisor or Manager: Signature by Supervisor or Manager: This information assists future Employees to better understand this Candidate for Employment. The Supervisor or Manager may attach a separate letter into this Logbook, or alternatively write it below: Name and Signature Date Page: Please write it below: You have now finished the Internship component of your Professional Year Course.

Please check that every page has been completed. Now, email this completed Logbook to internship eca. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

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To simplify KRK permit application process, people that submitted an application did not know when the process was completed, and there was no arrangement of file queues that made PTSP officers problem to do their jobs, so an application was needed that would be online and have user friendly interface, so everyone in Indonesia especially Jakarta can take the part on government bureaucracy monitoring.

Problem Solve The problems to be solved on this research are: Problems Limitation Completing the development of this Website-Based Library System so that it is not too far from the actual destination, so the authors limit the problem described as follows: Information technology includes hardware, software and telecommunications networks.

According to Reynolds and Ralph According to Shelly and Rosenblatt Data has no meaning and no little value until processed. Knowledge is the ability to understand information like the opinions and make decisions or predict based on information obtained. Unified Modeling Language UML is a general vocabulary based on objects and technical diagrams that are relatively for modelling each system development project from analysis stage to design stage and implementation stages Dennis, et al.

Use case diagrams provide an easy way to communicate with users about what the system actually does Dennis, et al. Sequence diagrams are dynamic models that show explicit sequences of messages passed between objects on defined interaction. Because, sequence diagrams emphasize the sequence of time-based activities, it can be helpfully on understanding specifications in real-time and used to help understand the use of complex cases Dennis, et al.

This diagram is used to describe the basic differences between classes, inter-class relations and where the subsystem class is.

Dennis, et al Subsequent research [3], providing input on an application must be able to provide services to manage application data software , manage data solves, manage list requests, manage partner agency data, input requests, approve requesting results and see the list of requests III. From these observations theme, it was obtained to make improvements the quality of PTSP staff work processes by designing a system.

Study of literature Running together with the determination of theme, literature studies or library research methods were also conducted. This method is carried out by collecting data and information from various library sources such as books, articles, journals, references to final assignments and other reading sources for analyzing data and seeking information about thesis title to be made.

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Planning There are 2 important agendas, identifying problems and determining work schedule. Problem identification is the initial stage in this research, where the author will make background problems, formulate problems, determine scope, and look for the objectives and benefits of this research.

Data Collection Data collection technique in this final project was conducted in two ways, conducting interviews with AVP government companies and seeking information through books or journals about IT service management.

Analysis The author will analyze process that runs at this time, then analyze functional requirements of process to be developed using use case diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, and sequence diagrams. And analyze the hardware and software requirements needed by the system.


Design The author will start to design database that will be developed. Then, the author will begin to design a user interface that produces mock up of the application. Then, develope the program using the PHP programming.

Make Conclusions Making this conclusion aims to find out whether the system design created can answer the problems that have been described in the formulation of problem and able to solve the problems that exist in the organization being researched IV.

Front office verifies the applicant's file. The activities of AJIB assignment letter, back office staff makes a letter of assignment for AJIB and fetches the file, creates a survey assignment letter and also a letter of rejection if the applicant's file is incomplete. Activity of reviewing the location, surveyor checks the destination location, then inserts data to be processed by data processor.

Data processors input data form and then re-enter processing data to be verified by back office staff. Verification activities resulting data that verified by back office staff then numbering the assessment, back office staff prints map and KRK. On validation activities, The leader validating maps and KRK that have been numbering and printed.

Public satisfaction survey activity, Public fills out the public satisfaction survey after all processes have been completed. Class Diagram Fig. User Interface This is the sample of application interface design Fig. Analysis of Test Results After thorough testing, it can be concluded that the test has displayed the outputs and processes in accordance with application design. The good results are function properlyof system because it has been proven from the results of the test scenario.When it comes to making log books, we want to make it more easy and less time consuming.

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Sections, such as the Evaluation and Reference, require your input. This one is pretty broad, so what we have as an example is a medication type of daily logbook. A minimum unbroken 10 weeks, with a total hours, is required to complete this internship. The day of the week for the date shown appears to the right of the field. Please write it below: Department associated with the log book entry.

Joko Widodo hoped that there would be a capability of serving permits and non-permits that were fast and uncomplicated. S Bere 2.