LISTING AGREEMENT. This is a legally binding contract. If you do not understand it, seek legal advice. RASE Listing Agreement. Page 1 of 3. Revised: 6/ Agreement between________________________________________, BROKER and., Seller, in consideration of. BROKER listing and endeavoring to procure. RESIDENTIAL LISTING AGREEMENT - EXCLUSIVE (RLA PAGE 1 OF 5) of the listing price (or if a download agreement is entered into, of the download price).

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A. The Seller hereby lists exclusively with the Listing Brokerage the property access to, the information contained in this listing contract, the Data Input Form. Broker agrees to employ Broker's best efforts to sell or to secure a contract for the sale period shall be terminated if Owner enters into a listing agreement with. agreement in terms hereinafter appearing to qualify for the admission and continuance of NOW THEREFORE in consideration of the Exchange listing the said.

Although commission is earned immediately upon receipt of a satisfactory offer, it is not payable until the completion of the transaction. A seller should consider the benefits of an exclusive agency relationship while perhaps also considering retaining multiple Realtors who will only be eligible to earn commission if they are directly involved in introducing the eventual downloader.

But that irrevocable nature is bothersome.

What if circumstances change and you no longer wish to sell your property? What if your relationship with your Realtor sours and you wish to work with another agent?

Exclusive Right To Sell Agreement Listing Agreement

The fact is that the OREA listing agreement is a legally binding contract with no option for early termination and no incentive for a Realtor to release you from the contract before the expiry date as originally agreed although some agents certainly will. The issue is that the generic holdover clause stipulates that commission is payable to the Realtor regardless of the source of the introduction, be it another agent, word-of-mouth, MLS, signage or a private deal.

With Realtor.

What services is the Realtor committed to provide? Is the Realtor required to hold open houses, print brochures, attend every viewing, stage the property, send weekly reporting letters, etc.?

When is commission earned?

Who profits if my Realtor represents both the seller and the downloader? Will commissions be reduced? HomewardBoundPro Realtor: James I and Patriarchalism the Progressive Absolutist.

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June 5, Shaaina Ibrahim. Igi Filoteo.To permit Broker to take photographs of the Owner's property described herein for advertising and marketing purposes in any advertising medium of the Broker's choice. Related titles.

For the period of time beginning on

Owner agrees that Broker may compensate an agent representing the downloader from the fee described above. Owner further agrees to permit other real estate firms who belong to any listing service of which Broker is a member to advertise the listing on the internet in accordance with the listing service rules and regulations.

If this property is listed with another real e state licen see after expiration or mutual termination, this contra ct.

Owner acknowledges and agrees that neither Broker, nor Broker's agents, subagents, or anyone showing the property through the MLS, shall be responsible for any damage to, or loss of personal property, or to the realty, except such damage or loss as may be caused by the negligence of such party. The Owner understands and agrees that Broker has fully met the requirements of Section of the South Carolina Code of Laws, as amended.

Sales Price: If Broker is an exclusive a gent, and during the perio d of this agreement the property is sold by Client, Broker, a.