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Veja grátis o arquivo Livro - Eficiência Energética na Arquitetura enviado para a disciplina de Conforto Ambiental I Categoria: Outros - 37 - Veja grátis o arquivo Livro - Eficiência Energética na Arquitetura enviado para a disciplina de Conforto Ambiental I Categoria: Outros - 29 - Arquitetura ecológica: condicionamento térmico natural. 5 reipr. Rio de Janeiro : Disponível em: muscpertastsunear.tk pdf. Acesso em: Eficiência Energética na Arquitetura (3a ed). Rio de Janeiro.

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Study of the potential savings on energy demand and HVAC energy consumption by using coated glazing for office buildings in Madrid. Energy and Buildings, Oxford, v. Methodology for meta-model based optimization in building energy models.

Uncertainty analysis in building performance simulation for design support. Criterion to evaluate the "twofold benefit" of the renovation of buildings and their elements. MELO, A.

Development of a method to predict building energy consumption through an artificial neural network approach. A review on simulation-based optimization methods applied to building performance analysis. Applied Energy, Oxford, v. Energy efficiency US commercial successful and emerging strategies. Tese Mestrado em Engenharia Civil.

TIAN, W. A review of sensitivity analysis methods in building energy anaalysis. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Oxford, v. Acesso em: 23 Set. Has experience in Parametrization, Energy Efficiency and Optimization. Has experience in Bioclimatic Architecture Area, Energy Efficiency and Simulations-term energy and lighting, having performed consulting and architectural projects. Parameterization applied to building energy performance.


Abstract The parameterization of energy efficiency measures is used in thermal and energy simulation processes in which gradual evaluations through simulation aim to obtain solutions for the building design. The procedures were improved through the decades towards the optimization of solutions, which optimized parameters have interrelated impacts on the building performance.

Optimization methods involve complex sensitivity analysis, which adopts complex methods as Latin Hipercube for sampling or Neural Networks for evaluations, but also simplified analysis using linear regression equations.

The Brazilian Labeling Program of Inmetro uses regression parametric equations of to identify the energy efficiency level of housing units. This study investigates shape parameters of a housing model using those regression algorithms. The variation of two shape parameters width and depth of interior rooms , affected several labeling parameters, which results indicate the direction to introduce a shape grammar for energy efficiency of dwellings.

Keywords: Parametrization, V! Introduction The parameters applied to studies of energy efficiency in buildings began with the analysis of building systems and construction materials. The goal was to reduce the building energy consumption Cordoba, Macias and Espinosa, in an analysis involving costs from installation of energy efficiency measures and energy savings Rosenfeld, As the computing resources enhanced in processing capacity and graphical interfaces, evaluations using simulations of the energy performance now include parameters that visually affect the shape of the building and the facade.

As an example, solar protections brise soleil with complex geometries affect performance by integrating energy savings of air conditioning by shading and saving energy of artificial lighting, by the use of daylight Carlo, Pereira and Lamberts, The mentioned economies are conflicting, and the solutions obtained with the parametric simulation aimed at finding the optimal shape between two goals that have inverse results for the same solution.

Such analyses tend to be focused on one or two specific issues to be incorporated in the design and evaluated globally. It is worth noting that while energy efficiency measures have been assessed at different times, they have not been evaluated individually: the whole building was simulated so that the impacts of this solution were recorded in the following analysis.

We see, therefore, a linear development of a proposal to incorporate gradually the energy efficiency design solutions in a traditional process of architectural creation.

Considering that, the parametric simulation is a process to assist the solution of problems which provides data for the architect to review the performance and create the most appropriate solutions to the case.

Livro - EficiГЄncia EnergГ©tica na Arquitetura

Other methods for making decisions involved cases of process of optimization in order to analyze the interaction between parameters and their impact on building performance. The solutions were evaluated linearly: at each step, a number of problems was investigated. As one solution affects the performance of the other, parameterization implied in: evaluation all the solutions separately; identifying those with the greatest impact; incorporating them into the base model to finally evaluate the performance of other parameters in this new base case and, thus, repeat the process Martinaitis et al.

She used parameters which describe the relationship of Window to Wall Ratio, glazing and the shape of solar protections in order to find the best solution that integrates the costs from energy savings to the investment of the installation of the measure still in the design phase.

Therefore, she adopted a linear optimization process with parametric analysis, where all parameters were simulated individually, the greatest impact was identified and incorporated so that the other parameters were evaluated in the following round of simulations.

These parameters were then used to create numerical models for multivariate linear regression describing the effects of the facade on the building performance Brazil, In the s, the modeling and simulation capabilities became more advanced, as well as the processes of interaction of the parameters regarding to the energy performance.

The evaluations began to incorporate a higher number of interdependent parameters and broadened the scope of interactions to thousands of cases Eisenhower et al. In Brazil, the metamodels created by the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory in , whose research uses dozens of slave computers of the institution to process 1 million parametric simulations using EnergyPlus Lamberts, is awaiting publication. Statistical processes began to be adopted in the pursuit of the optimal solution from other mathematical methods other than regression, which would increase the range and reliability of the studied cases Melo et al.

In section 2, some of the approaches widespread in s are presented to support the analysis presented in this article about the dwelling shape focused on the criteria of the energy efficiency labeling program.

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In general, energy efficiency studies deal with parameters related to systems such as automation, lighting and air conditioning Rosenfeld, ; Martinaitis, , or with parameters related to the building materials Silva and Ghisi, ; Sorgato et al. The architectural shape is rarely evaluated in terms of performance.

The shape was investigated by Carlo and Lamberts , where building volume indicators were parameterized but, realizing that the performance is not linear at volumes, Carlo created more than one regression equation for the PBE Edifica of the commercial sector Brazil, depending on the size of the building. It really can benefit the living locations, though.

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Services on Demand Journal. Neural networks still have the ability to learn, as a brain, through examples and use the findings from this training to improve the performance of their tasks. Potencial de energia. Development of a method to predict building energy consumption through an artificial neural network approach.

Optimization methods involve complex sensitivity analysis, which adopts complex methods as Latin Hipercube for sampling or Neural Networks for evaluations, but also simplified analysis using linear regression equations. Finally, the global sensitivity analysis involves a high time and computational cost, but it allows the variation of parameters all together, as well as the analysis of a full variation range of the parameter.

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