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Will is a musician on the brink of fame, Mia plays nearly every instruments, and her father lived and breathed music as well. The story is full of musical references that tie everything together. Will is now on my list of favorite rockstar boyfriends. With his crooked smile, tattoos and an adorable fear of flying, he was hard not to fall for. I dare you to read that scene and not have your heart just melt into a puddle of goo.

As frustrating as Mia could be at times, I still really liked her character — especially her love of compound swear words, lol. My favorites are compound words like apeshit, craphat or batshit, but above all, my numero uno, all-time favorite swear word is assclown, without a doubt.

Asshat runs a close second. I must say, very few things give me greater pleasure than calling someone an assclown when they really fit the bill. I love it more than puppies and baby seals.

Scared of where things could go, scared of ending up with a broken heart. And despite the fact that her heart was always pointing her towards Will, she fought long and hard to follow her head instead. Is there more mercy in being the one who does the watching or in being the one who does the dying? It's when you realize what mercy-killing actually means, it's when you actually care to the point of tormenting worry. It's not roses and white horses, it's fucking brutal and it can send a person running for the hills.

My heart shattered for Will, sooo many times. He was just too adorable.

He was so constant and, supportive, and sweet, and Girls, you will adore Wilbur Ryan! This is a very quick, easy read. I read it in one go and felt like it was over in a flash. But it was perfect. It was long enough to build and run with the story, but not too long that there were unnecessary fillers or parts that dragged. Should we start now? For Jackson: The best damn dog in the world. RIP, Buddy. Oh my goodness. If you've got it on your TBR list and are umming and arring, or don't know what to read next, give Sweet Thing a go.

It's got a bit of everything, from cute, to sexy, from dark, to light.

I loved it and would highly recommend. And I do believe it's on sale right now! To read more reviews go to my Book Blog: View all 12 comments. I love the musical theme. It kind of makes me feel comforted. Actually, the theme was particularly the main reason why I took this book in the first place.

It holds such delightful promises.

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The book opens when Mia Kelly's dad died and she had to move on by going to New York to settle and find herself-- discover her dreams and perhaps find her dream man. While on the way, she met the handsome and struggling musician Will whom she instantly felt a strange connection with.

Because Will is such a funny, cool, and sprightly guy, and because Mia has that musical inclination as well, she was not able to resist her attraction towards him. They met again for the second time and Mia learned that Will was in need of a room to stay while he's working at a bar. They eventually ended up as roommates.

I enjoyed most parts of this book. I especially love the way both characters connected through their music.

Will playing a guitar and singing, and Mia playing a piano. Don't they really make a good pair? And Will What a perfect guy he is. If he exists in real life, then I'll definitely take him home. He has such a great and deep soul, one who's always there to stay by your side whenever you need someone to rely on, and one who overlooks your imperfections and just focuses on your beautiful side just to be with you. What kept me from rating this book higher was Mia.

I understand her angst, but I could not understand how inconsistent she was in this book when it came to her decisions and her reasons. She made a slightly bad impression when she underestimated Will and his not-promising musical career and instantly hooked up with a rich, handsome, and boring banker instead-- without even getting to know the guy better.

For me, it was such a crazy resolve. Then she ended up being jealous becuase of Will's series of girlfriends. Female leads with immature attitude doesn't always sit well with me. That includes Mia. All throughout the book I was so hoping that her character will improve, but nah.

Maybe improved a little but still, her confused mind and the way she continued to reject Will kind of annoyed me.

Like, please can you just love Will already? He's proved so much and yet I'm already ranting. Anyways, despite Mia's attitude, I still find this book good.

I also highly recommend this, because the concept is awesome and it's not often done. Only rare authors give this theme a chance. The romance was good and there were steamy scenes, too. Are you a fan of Colleen Hoover 's Maybe Someday? Then go read this book! View all 18 comments.

A Million Stars!!!

Sweet Thing: A Novel book by Renee Carlino online

This book was amazing!!! In the top 5 books I have read this year!!! Such a beautiful story. This book didn't appeal to me when it first came out for some reason.

I only read it because my buddy reader wanted to read it and let me tell you I am so glad I did. I laughed, I cried and I just loved this book to pieces. I am normally one who has to have steam in her books. This book wasn't that steamy but that was okay.

The story was so good that it truly didn't matter. When the co A Million Stars!!! Sweet Thing Sweet Thing, 1 by Renee Carlino When the couple finally got together it wasn't about steamy sex it was about making love and it was beautiful.

This truly is an excellent book. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful love story.

A must read. View all 48 comments. This book was so beautifully written.

The writing was raw, rhythmic, poetic and I found myself continuously moved by the inspirational dialogue. I felt like I wanted to recite the entire book in my status updates I think most us as woman whether single, a wife or a mother; at some point in our lives ask ourselves if One of the BEST books I have read all year!!!!

I think most us as woman whether single, a wife or a mother; at some point in our lives ask ourselves if we have made the right choices. Some look at their lives and think "How could I have been so stupid? How did I get here? Why didn't I choose a different path? Others try protect themselves and end up opting for the "safer option".

It's human nature to question our choices but so many times fear gets in the way of our choices. Fear is an manipulating evil. No body can tell you which choices to make, it's simpy a lesson one must learn on their own. To me, this book is about discovery, friendship, taking chances forgiveness and love. It's often mistaken as good advise, but wisdom cannot be imparted to someone. Wisdom can only be earned; it's a by-product of experience, not necessarily knowledge.

I believe that when your reading a book there should be a sense of mystery. Where's the joy in reading a book and knowing what's going to happen. It's like opening beautifully wrapped present but already knowing what's inside - it's pointless!

So I'm going to try my best to provide you with a spoiler free review. I was in love with his honesty and integrity and with the way he continued to be in Mia's life regardless of the hurt it caused. My heart shattered for him over and over again and there was point where I felt didn't think I could read on I loved Will to bits, not to mention I wanted to push him against the wall, rip his clothes off and Mia is a 25 year old who is on the road to discovery.

She makes a lot of mistakes along the way but that also makes her character realistic. Although, there were many, many, many times I wanted to beat the shit out her — she's a was likeable character but it was time for her to literally face the music! Love equals a morbid and relentless fear of losing the other person.. To love is brave Yay to lebs!!!.. I also found myself constantly searching the songs that were mentioned throughout the book - it was an awesome music list!

This whole year I've been reading books and feeling like something is seriously missing. Sure, there have been books I've rated 5 stars and I have enjoyed, but they were missing something and for the life of me I couldn't pin point what it was.

After reading the Sweet Thing - I know what was missing. What was missing was heart! I felt completely connected this book and the characters. I was so excited to see the author, Renee Carlino had mentioned her in the book. I think Maryse hit the nail on the head in her review on this book. This was it. This was the one I was referring to, when I would bemoan that I wished I could find another book that would make me crazy for it. This one had that feeling. The feeling that all of my favorite books gave me, all wrapped into one.

What better way to describe it people than it gives you "That feeling"!!!! Renee Carlino Great name by the way! Not only is she incredibly talented and has a great name but check her out people.. The woman's a stunner! She looks exactly like Monica Bellucci Total hot mama! Can't wait to read more of her work! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants "That feeling" back! That feeling when you can't stop thinking about a book and keep checking the time to see when you can start reading it again.

That feeling when your partner needs to physically pry the book from your hands at 2 am in the morning and kick your ass to bed - and then you Me downloads the site app on your iPhone while in bed, quitely turns the brightness setting on your phone down, holds your breath and hopes to God your husband doesn't catch you reading again. Lastly, that feeling when you have finally finished the book, you cannot stop thinking about it for days after and you can't wait to read it again!

Besides Ladies I know I can't View all 44 comments. It was a quite a struggle to read a story in the POV of a character I strongly disliked at first. I guess she needed more time and experi It was a quite a struggle to read a story in the POV of a character I strongly disliked at first. Instead, you fall in love with a person and try to build a secure and comfortable life with him.

Thank goodness, Mia finally realized the error of her ways in the last quarter of the novel and was punished enough for her to deserve a happy ending. I was actually really pissed at the angst and heartbreaks both characters willingly subjected their hearts to, to the point of making me think their relationship was borderline toxic until I understood that they needed to go through the pain to discover who they were and what they truly meant for each other.

There was just times the narrative got a little repetitive, also kind of a sexually too graphic but still enjoyable and gripping enough for me to read it in one day.

View all 7 comments. Mia Kelly! Mia; main character and narrator; is super judgmental, hypocritical, snob, dishonest, self-centered, self-pitying, rude and cruel when angry.

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She is the worst. I wonder how someone who prides herself in being sensible could make such stupid life decisions and behaved so terrible to loved ones.

I truly could not stand her and there were plenty of moments when I considered simply DNFing this novel. It is very likely t And the award for the most disappointing and bitchy character goes to…. It is very likely that my huge issues with heroine played a role but either way I truly did not like this book. Overall flow of the story was weird and storytelling was extremely weak.

Not recommended! View all 14 comments. God, I really loved this book!! It's everything a romance book should be and then some. It's hard to believe that this is a debut novel. Renee Carlino is one talented writer and her next book will be an auto-download for me.

Read it for the romance, read it for the music music plays a huge part in this story , or read it for the excellent writing. Just read it!!!

Sweet Thing

View all 40 comments. Their personalities draw each other together. I convinced myself at that moment that Will was not boyfriend material What's wrong with you? Oh, and did I mention he was a bit of a rockstar?? This was one of those books that shifted my entire TBR. I had other plans but suddenly I felt compelled to read it.

On her way, a chance meeting in an airport crosses her paths with a gorgeous musician, Will. Something about them just clicks and they spend the entire flight talking about their shared love of music. Mia insists on keeping things strictly platonic between them — ignoring the pull she feels towards him.

She has her life planned out ahead of her — she wants a life partner who can give her stability. Her father was a musician and her parents split when she was young giving her the fear that a relationship with Will, who is so much like her father in spirit, will just end up breaking her heart and so she strongly resists the temptation.

Music plays a huge part in this book. Will is a musician on the brink of fame, Mia plays nearly every instruments, and her father lived and breathed music as well.

The story is full of musical references that tie everything together. Will is now on my list of favorite rockstar boyfriends.Honestly, this book left me in a mess. Will is a struggling artist living in a storage unit. Will is a fantastic hero. It holds such delightful promises.

I loved how music was a big part in this book. Yes she's extremely frustrating but she has real motivation for her actions Because their each other's best friends for a long time before evolving into something more they really get to know each other's deepest secrets and they really just want the other person to be happy.

He was just too adorable.