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The Broken Wings: Kahlil Gibran - – download free. 31 Pages· ·82 KB·14 Downloads. to me the secret of love by her affection; se was the. of Australia eBook Title: The Broken Wings Author: Kahlil Gibran eBook No. of Kahlil Gibran Online - Project Gutenberg of Australia eBooks are Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or . The broken wings Based on Gibran's autobiographical novel, a young man falls in love Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

The gardens were full of Nisan flowers and the earth was carpeted with green grass, and like a secret of earth revealed to Heaven. The orange trees and apple trees, looking like houris or brides sent by nature to inspire poets and excite the imagination, were wearing white garments of perfumed blossoms.

Spring is beautiful everywhere, but it is most beautiful in Lebanon. It is a spirit that roams round the earth but hovers over Lebanon, conversing with kings and prophets, singing with the rives the songs of Solomon, and repeating with the Holy Cedars of Lebanon the memory of ancient glory. Beirut, free from the mud of winter and the dust of summer, is like a bride in the spring, or like a mermaid sitting by the side of a brook drying her smooth skin in the rays of the sun.

One day, in the month of Nisan, I went to visit a friend whose home was at some distance from the glamorous city. As we were conversing, a dignified man of about sixty-five entered the house. As I rose to greet him, my friend introduced him to me as Farris Effandi Karamy and then gave him my name with flattering words.

The old man looked at me a moment, touching his forehead with the ends of his fingers as if he were trying to regain his memory. Then he smilingly approached me saying, " You are the son of a very dear friend of mine, and I am happy to see that friend in your person. As we sat down, he told us about his friendship with my father, recalling the time which they spent together.

An old man likes to return in memory to the days of his youth like a stranger who longs to go back to his own country. Is non silence more painful than death? Does pride prevent me from describing Selma in plain words since I cannot draw her truthfully with luminous colors? The narrator has no words to describe her beauty.

The representation of her is as a book that no one can read or find out the meaning of that book. Neither the narrator can describe her beauty nor any person can describe her. So she is so mysterious. Patriarchal society and males see woman as mysterious being. Males give different myth to woman. By giving different myths, they behave women as inferior and subordinated being they have to obey men. At last, women are dominated by males by mystifying themselves.

All the myths have been created to dominate and to exploit women.

In the society of patriarchy, the female body is socially constructed as an object to be looked at, evaluated and used. Nevertheless, the exposure to images that depict women as sex objects may influence body perceptions even among men in particular their perceived muscularity, characteristics.

A person is sexually objectified when her sexual parts or sexual functions are separated out. Patriarchal society always treated woman as physical object of male sexual desire. Women are shown as objects. The objectification of their bodies shows they are not complete or their existence is linked with males.

In the novel, Selma the female protagonist is objectified. In the sense, her bodily part is described in the novel. Nor was it in her perfect figure, but in the nobility of her spirit, burning like a white torch between Earth and Sky.

Her beauty is fragmented into different parts as hair, large eyes, red lips, and ivory neck. She is depicted as an object. In addition to this, She is portrayed in the novel as a physical object of male sexual desire. The images of women in masculine society are bifurcated. Their beauty is divided in their body parts not in their whole body. Women are never represented as they are.

In the novel, the narrator states: I gazed at her intently and saw that those eyes, which a few days ago were smiling like lips and moving like the wings of a Nightingale.

Her face, that had resembled the unfolded, sun kissed leaves of a lily, had faded and become colorless. Her sweet lips were like two withering roses that autumn has left on their stems. Her neck, that had been a column of ivory. Women are objectified by using the beautiful words. Selma is shown as a sex object as if her sexuality is being used to sell a product. Her body is constructed as an object to use. Her whole body is not beautiful but her bodily parts are beautiful for patriarchal society and males as well.

This shows that patriarchal society subordinates women and treats them as inferior beings by beautifying or objectifying themselves. Women have been treated as objects in the male dominated society. They see freedom but cannot experience it.

In family, their voice does not get any place where her husband, boy, father as well as male members are dictators. They rarely dare to raise voice against them. They are always expected to remain silent and to complete their duties as well.

The every role of women are designed by the males that roles make women obedient and faithful. The women must do what men want in the society. They cannot go outside, if they do not get married. The narrator states: Selma, on that evening, was like a cup full of heavenly wine concocted of the bitterness and sweetness of life.

Patriarchal society has been creating the binaries between men and women. Males have charged woman as passive, emotional, sensual, irrational, and helpless creature. Superiority of males also has determined the males and females. Women are living as secondary beings in male dominated society.

The female Selma character is also a dominated member of that society where patriarchal norms and values are highly dominant. From the very beginning of human civilization men have been dominating and othering women.

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The society had kept women in the state of ignorance and inferior position. In every aspect of social life women have been kept in the secondary position. It is because men exercise power in masculine society.

Particularly when there is an act of transgression, it raises questions related to self, being, and personhood. The socio-political code of society excludes woman not only from power structures but also from her own self and her own identity.

Once again, it is the otherness of female which deprived and considered as the essential other. Female is misrepresented by the people in power and patriarchy. Most of us see bird as a symbol of freedom, or even as the symbol of future. Their ability to soar high into the sky and their proximity with the sky makes them desirable for humans who cannot fly without substitute wings. From time immemorial, mankind has considered birds to be signs of eternal life. Many stories and folk tales suggest that birds were taken as signs of renewed life, often as a transition between life and death.

Many even consider them to be an ideal or proposal for the future. But in the novel the bird image is used to show the real situation of women in the male dominated society.

Louise E. Thus, using birds and animals image as a key symbol for woman is to show the clear situation of women in patriarchal society. The image is associated with subordinated groups who have dependent status in their society. Many writers used bird symbol to imply how patriarchal society and its institutions compel women to stay in a cage. In this sense, in the novel also a bird image is used to show suffering of the female protagonist Selma.

What do you mean? Where are you sending me? Above mentioned lines from the novel clarifies this idea that Selma is kept as dominated being in the patriarchal society.

She has no capacity to resist that suffering but she accepts that domination by trembling and in a choked voice. The women in patriarchal system have no self identity; they are supposed to serve men by all means. Simone de Beauvoir writes: Women herself recognized that the world is masculine on the whole; those who fashioned it, ruled it, and still dominated it today are men. As for her, she does not consider herself responsible for it; it is understood that she is inferior and dependent; she has not learned the lessons of violence, she has never stood forth as subject before the other members of the group.

They think that their work is inferior to males. Their duties are to assure the monotonous repetition of life in all. It is natural for women to repeat, to think they are inferior to men. They think that they are small birds in a cage.

In a moment she said, I understand everything. The above mentioned lines show how Selma becomes as a caged bird in the male dominated society. The Bishop is the representative of patriarchal society. The image cage is the rules and regulations of masculine society. Caged bird reflects patriarchal subordination and oppression and adherence to patriarchy authority.

The bird is the representative of nature and the cage the churches attempt to corral that power. Caged bird imagery is used to describe the intend to illustrate how patriarchal authority is very much dominated and suppressed women in the male dominated society. Patriarchal ideology throughout history has enabled men to assume that they have a right to maintain women in a subordinate state.

Patriarchy presents women in a subordinate state. Patriarchy presents women as naturally inferior, and considers its ideology. Women are considered as the essentially other beings. In the text also Selma Karamy is presented as secondary being or secondary one.

Men have positioned themselves as uniquely responsible for all aspects of public life and correspondingly women have been confined to a marginalized position in the society according to which they are made to support male interests. Society is consequently structured to perpetuate patriarchal ideology and women are maintained in an inferior position.

Kahlil Gibran

Feminity and masculinity are social constructs; woman is constructed in patriarchal society, especially through representation. Moreover, the society has created male hegemony against women to maintain the status quo of men. To strengthen the network of domination, men have been formulating certain stereotypical images against women.

These images have shaped the identity of women in the society. Man made norms and values determine the status of women in the society.

Plato, Aristotle, Milton, Pope, and Lawrence can be taken as the some of the examples of men who have created negative images of women to hegemonize them or to dominate or to show their secondary position in the society. The following lines from the novel clarify this idea that men give different stereotypical images to women to keep them as secondary beings. These above lines clarify the idea that male always gives different words to woman as my little bird, my beautiful star, nightingale, my book and so forth to beautify themselves.

Women think that men give different word because they are really attractive and beautiful. They also think that men love them a lot.

But in reality it is not so. Statue cannot do anything but only look. The patriarchal norms and values keep woman in the society as a statue which is sculptured by the fingers of males and which cannot do anything but only can look. Gender discrimination has centuries long root. Similarly the disciple of Plato, Aristotle considered woman as secondary class citizen. And St. Similarly, the literary discourses written by different male writers have institutionalized and helped to continue the conventional patriarchal stereotypes against women.

For example, according to Mary Wollstonecraft, John Milton, Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift, and other male writers have presented negative images to women. John Milton has considered women as submissive and docile. Khalil Gibran is also one of them who uses many symbols to depict female as beautiful being.

The writer uses many symbols to beautify Selma. These above line shows how the writer makes Selma the female protagonist as passive being and how the writer beautifies her. The males never say woman as a big bird because they want to keep woman as secondary being and inferior one. By using that stereotypical images male and the patriarchal society want the secondary position of woman in the society. The life of Selma is marginal, subordinated and represented as subservient to masculine desire and enterprises.

She has lived in her house as hegemonized person. Her existence never accepted in the male dominated society. She never finds freedom in the house and in the society too. This quote line suggests that the patriarchal systems as well as males are the main cause of Selma oppression. It also shows how the family and society are becoming the villains in the parts of female freedom.

If any woman goes outside the home, she will punish. All are guiding and watching Selma because she has come to meet her ex-boyfriend. This example is enough to show the situation of women in the masculine society and about their freedom. Women are presented as emotional, passive, and passionate being in the society. Women are suffering not only within family but outside as well. They are confined to the domestic and narrow sphere. Because of the lack of reason, they have been compelled to play submissive and docile role.

The so-called rational human beings men never hesitate to call submissive and docile women. Women are dominated in the male dominated society. Patriarchal society always dominates women. When women internalize that domination for long time, they are hegemonized by that domination. By that hegemonized thinking, they fell that domination is necessary and they are inferior being to men.

Or will sick man give medicine to another which he himself needs badly? The inferiority complex takes because of the dominated psychology. Selma is also internalized that inferiority complex. Therefore, she compares herself with hungry man and sick man.

The dominated psychology gives contribution that women think, they are inferior to men and domination is necessary. Women suffer from inferiority. Inferiority is functioning under the support of patriarchal society. Women have been deprived of freedom and equality.

Therefore they are exploited, subordinated, and discriminated by family society and of the whole surroundings. There are two kinds of alienation of women for Beauvoir.

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Those above lines show that in the life of women, there are two kind of alienation held in their life. To be women, they think they are inferior to male at masculine society. Women think that they never come out from the secondary or inferior position in the society. They think male domination for women is necessary. The source of frustration is to play at being a man.

They think the destiny makes them female and therefore they are dominated from the hands of males and from the hands of patriarchal society too. The male dominated society is very cruel to women. All male figures of the novel are always in opposition to the female world. Images are used not to show beautiful and good for women but to depict as secondary beings. The women are not women but they are made women by the society.

Males consider themselves as the one, subject, superior, god like, intellectual and female as the other, object, inferior, malleable and inert.

The above paragraph shows that the women are considered inferior and weak if there is no male in the family. They are not given any chance and behaved differently from those who have male member in the family. In patriarchal society marriage is the destiny offered to woman by society.

Woman seems absolutely passive being when they get married. Woman is doomed to the continuation of the species and the care of the home. There she gets passive roles of caring the child, taking care of their homes, clothing or persons and so on. The othering of women is clearly seen at marriage of their also. Women are given essentially passive roles as beneficiary from man-made history.

They have to serve their husbands and male members in the family because their minds and bodies have been distorted to please men. A husband or man does not simply use legal or physical coercion to dominate his wife and female but insisted on controlling her mind, demand her love as well as her obedience.

Men exploit women at home. They treat women as machine to work and please them. The women have to do according to the will of men: it may be sexual, emotional, physical, and psychological. Women were isolated and stultified with their children, with their fire and food processing. The domination results in inferiority. Women think that they are inferior to men.

They cannot able to do any work. Our work is to rearing children, cooking food, housekeeping, giving pleasure to husband.

They think that they are secondary beings in the masculine society. Males are primary one and females are secondary one for them. The inferiority complex leads to them toward tragedy.

As Simone de Beauvoir says, the condition of woman in male dominated society is very pathetic. We can analyze the condition of Selma in patriarchal society by looking these lines. These above lines show that the society where the rules and regulations of patriarchy are dominant, the condition of women is very pathetic as Selma. The life of woman is like a slave in that society. The path they are walking in life is loaded with shackles.

Norms and values mute their tongue.

The broken wings

So they cannot move easily. They are like the birds of broken wings as Selma. Women are as secondary beings or othering from the point of view of property. In the patriarchal society, the family property is owned by the males and the females do not have any property rights. The women have been compelled to remain under male ideology. They have to do duties and responsibilities as set by the society.

From Ancient period, women have no rights on private property. Love provided me with a tongue and tears. You people remember the gardens and orchids and the meeting places and street corners that witnessed your games and heard your innocent whispering; and I remember, too, the beautiful spot in North Lebanon.

Every time I close my eyes I see those valleys full of magic and dignity and those mountains covered with glory and greatness trying to reach the sky.

Every time I shut my ears to the clamour of the city I hear the murmur of the rivulets and the rustling of the branches. Those valleys and hills fired my imagination, but bitter thoughts wove round my heart a net of hopelessness. Every time I went to the fields I returned disappointed, without understanding the cause of my disappointment. Every time I looked at the grey sky I felt my heart contract.

Every time I heard the singing of the birds and babbling of the spring I suffered without understanding the reason for my suffering. It is said that unsophistication makes a man empty and that emptiness makes him carefree. It may be true among those who were born dead and who exist like frozen corpses; but the sensitive boy who feels much and knows little is the most unfortunate creature under the sun, because he is torn by two forces.Women have been deprived of freedom and equality.

Spring is beautiful everywhere, but it is most beautiful in Lebanon. That is to say writers use symbols to depict women as secondary being. One day, in the month of Nisan, I went to visit a friend whose home was at some distance from the glamorous city. Simone de Beauvoir says: When she becomes a young girl, the father has all the power over her, when she marries he transfers it in toto to the husband. If any woman goes outside the home, she will punish.

Vincents hospital in New York. Its purpose is to give an insight to liberate women from gender oppression. When women got married, they are out off by the roots from the groups into which they were born.