eBook (Sample Chapters). Atomic Scala We give you a foundation in programming and in Scala but we don't overwhelm you with the full extent of the. download an eBook or print version of this book at Check for other support products or events. About Us. Bruce Eckel is the. This is the the 2nd edition, released March 27, , in PDF, epub and mobi ( site) formats. The PDF file has a bookmarked table of contents.

Atomic Scala Ebook

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If you bought the first edition eBook, you automatically get an update to the second I cannot thank you enough for your book, Atomic Scala. Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition. eBook Details: Paperback: pages; Publisher: MindView LLC; 2nd edition (March ); Language: English. atom. No chapter numbers to make them easy to shift around. Book can be an intro for a dedicated learner. Designed as an ebook first, print book later.

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The PDF file has a bookmarked table of contents for easy navigation make sure you turn bookmarks on in your PDF reader. The epub version looks very good on for example iOS devices like the iPad.

The easiest way I've found to transfer it to iOS is using Google Drive; you might have to go through two levels of the "Open In" command. The easiest way to transfer the mobi file to your site device is either directly using a USB cable, or by emailing it via site.

I have some very kind and generous friends.

His books are some of the best in the industry. Bruce has kept me focused, pushed me toward simplification, and I have grown in numerous ways as a writer and as a developer because of his generosity.

Technology in particular, Google Docs has made co-authoring this book possible. In October, we will be presenting a weeklong seminar from the book.

Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition

We will put it to the test with attendees, and we are convinced that this exercise will help us to remove complexities that we no longer see. The seminar will be hands-on, based on exercises from the book.

The seminar will be exciting for me in another way. I will be thrilled to get my hand on a print copy.

Bruce Eckel's Programming Blog

We have an active group of reviewers.Mar 17, Andy Wang rated it really liked it Finished this book and almost all its exercises. We expect it to be done later this year.

Thank you! The Explorations book above is much more recent, and covers a lot more ground, but this is still a fine getting-started book for younger children around 10 years old. For this I have become pretty darn good at using the Python BeautifulSoup library, an amazing tool that allows you to automate just about any manipulation on HTML that you can imagine.

Please confirm your location: The overall content of this book isn't as comprehensive as "Scala in Action" or "Programming in Scala", but it's very well organized, so if you're about to start your adventure with Scala, this book is highly recommended. Talk Back!