State Election Commission, Bihar. Final Roll in PDF Format. Search In PDF Criteria. District *: -Select--, 01 - PASCHIM CHAMPARAN, 02 - PURVI. Search In PDF. Panchayat · Nagarpalika new Bihar Panchayat Election - State Election Commission Panchayat Voter List · Panchayat Reservation. This is the offical site of Chief Electoral Oficer Bihar.

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Enroll Your Name in the Electoral Roll of Vidhan Sabha/Lok Sabha. Search Search In PDF Check Epic Details- Type ELE 10 digit Voter Id No.>. This is the offical site of The Chief Electoral Oficer Bihar. Bihar Assembly Election, -LIST OF ELECTED MEMBERS · List of registered unrecognized party. State Name, State Name. Andhra Pradesh · Punjab · Arunachal Pradesh · Rajasthan · Assam · Sikkim · Bihar · Tamil Nadu · Goa · Telangana · Gujarat · Tripura.

Form 8 can be filled in English or Hindi. You are expected to fill up the details of the form.

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You will be required to enter your name, surname, date of birth DOB , district, constituency, EPIC number, contact number, email id etc.

Whatever may be the area of concern, the change needed, make sure to upload the supporting document for the same. For instance, if there is an error in the name, support it with correct spelling and uploading your passport copy or Aadhar card copy as a proof.

On completing the form, you may upload the same. A reference number is generated by uploading the form. This reference number helps in tracking the application status of the Voter ID in Bihar. The Process of Voter ID card Correction Offline in Bihar In case you do not have an active internet connection or do not know how to go about the procedure online, you can follow the traditional way of doing the correction of the voter ID card.

The procedure is simple and does not involve a lot of hassle. Thus, when you notice a mistake or you think your Voter ID card needs correction, wait no more but follow the steps below: Reach your nearest regional electoral office. You will find the Booth Level Officer there or any other officer who will help you get a copy of Form 8.

If you forget the form number; do not panic, simply inform the officials that you wish to get corrections made on your Voter ID card, and you will be helped with the right form. On receiving Form 8, make a photocopy of the same. First, fill up the photocopied form. Review it and check the details. Once you are sure of the details, fill the same on the original form 8.

Attach the documents that are required to support the correction. You may either submit the form in person at the nearest regional electoral office or send it by post. On receiving the form and documents by the officials at the Electoral office, a reference number will be provided.

The reference number helps in tracking the status of the application. Once the BLO is satisfied with the documents showed in original to support the correction required, you are issued the fresh voter ID card. Print the form and fill up the details.

You can then follow the same procedure mentioned above. Where you would post the filled form and the documents are mentioned in the website. You always have the option of calling your regional Electoral Office and ask for the details. Follow the points below to get a change of address in the Voter ID card.

Bihar CEO Voter List 2019 (PDF Electoral Roll) – Download PDF Electoral Roll & ID Card

Visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer in Bihar. When the page opens, click on the NVSP portal. The National Voters Service Portal homepage will display a variety of options.

As soon as the page opens, click on Form 8A that is essential for transposition of entry in the Electoral roll.

2015 Bihar Legislative Assembly election

When the form 8A opens, fill up the details that are necessary. Be careful while entering the old and the new addresses.

Once you are done filling up the form, upload the address proof document to support your application. On uploading the document and submitting the form, a reference number will be generated. This number helps to track the status or any query solving.

However, the issuance of the revised Voter ID will be possible only when the verification of the documents is successfully done. You will then receive the Voter ID card with your updated address. Your name will be reflected in your current constituency in the electoral roll. This is so that the card contains updated and correct information, which is important since the card is a government-issued identity and address proof.

The process to change your address begins with filling up an application form to transpose your address. The process for changing your address offline is given below: Go to the office of the Electoral Officer and collect a copy of Form 8A, the Form for Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll. Fill up the form and attach any supporting documents, if required.

Submit the form at the office, where you will be issued with a reference number to track your application status.

Election FAQ: How to check your name on voter list

Once your application has been successfully verified, you will receive your Voter ID card with the updated address and your name will be moved to the electoral roll in your new constituency.

It will be removed from the rolls in your old constituency.

Often Voter ID cards are damaged where either the photograph is not clear or certain details are not seen properly. The Election Commission of Bihar has made it clear that the duplicate voter ID card will be issued only when the original ID card has been stolen, misplace, lost or mutilated.

In case of a Voter ID card being stolen or misplaced, a person should follow the below procedure- You are required to file a First Information Report FIR at the nearest local police station.

The FIR must state details like the time and place the Voter ID was misplaced, how you think it was lost, the name of the police officer, the date and time of the report among others.

The form will be available on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Bihar. Click for the EPIC form and fill up the details that are required.

Upon the complete filling up of the form and scanning of the FIR, attach the other documents needed towards proof of residence, identity, and age. Submit the documents. On submission of the form, you will be provided with the reference number that will help you track the status of the duplicate Voter ID card.

It is only after the verification of the documents and the FIR, that a duplicate Voter ID card is issued and posted to your address. Note: People, who wish to apply for a duplicate Voter ID card due to damaged original Voter ID, can skip the first step and directly visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Bihar and follow the procedure thereafter. Collect the EPIC form and fill the details. Do not forget to attach the copy of the FIR and other documents. You can either chose to post the form and the documents or submit it in person.

Once the officials receive your form, they will provide you with a reference number.

This reference number is used to track the status of the duplicate Voter ID card. You will receive the duplicate Bihar Voter ID shortly after the verification is completed.

It is a process of establishing a democratic and decentralized administration of the local bodies by taking the administration to the local people of Bihar and ensuring there is economic and social justice. It aims to take the responsibility of conducting elections at varied levels smoothly.

It is the duty of the Election Commissioner of Bihar to see that the elections are conducted as per the constitutional provisions.


The State conducts several direct and indirect elections at the rural and urban bodies of Bihar. In order to make sure that eligible voters are able to vote and ineligible people are not, voter lists must be: Complete: eligible people and their relevant details are on the list, while ineligible people are not on the list.

Accurate: the information included in the list is correct. Polling station lists can also be inaccurate if they are incorrectly drawn from the master voter list.

Current: updated to acknowledge recent deaths, recognize newly eligible voters and reflect changes in residency, personal identification or other voter details.

With access to the voter list, citizens can check their individual registration status and details for accuracy. In a number of countries, voters can also verify the location of their polling station, so they know where to go on election day. Public access to voter lists can increase the accuracy and completeness of the voter list if individuals have sufficient opportunity to correct any errors or update their information.

The ability to view and correct the entire list can boost public confidence in the voter registration process, electoral authorities and election process more broadly. Access to the voter list gives political parties an opportunity to make sure that their interests are respected -- for instance, allowing them to check voter registration rates in their geographic bases of support.

Civic organizations can check the quality of the voters list through an independent audit or other impartial review procedure. Such an assessment may highlight positive aspects of the voter list as well as any issues that need to be addressed such as cases of individuals who are registered multiple times.

Access to population information, like census data, allows for better assessment of voter lists. For instance, stakeholders can compare voter registration rates to census data to look for trends and identify populations that may be under-registered or other areas for improvement.Bihar Assembly Elections Results. It is therefore important for you to perform a regular voter list search. A master voter list is divided into sub-lists for use at each polling station.

A voter list is a detailed record of every person who is registered see Voter Registration and eligible to vote. Chong Kah Huei. You can look for your name by entering your details or the EPIC number provided to you while registering. While Sugam and BMF are structured for electoral officials, the former keeps an account of the poll vehicles and the payment aspect while the latter is used for providing basic minimum facilities such as making arrangements for handicapped voters, provision of water, etc.

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